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Incoterms is a short description for international commercial conditions. These conditions were first published in 1936 and are a set of 11 rules that determine who is responsible for what during international transactions. Incoterms are known and accepted worldwide. Incoterms describe all tasks, risks and costs associated with the transaction of goods from seller to buyer.


Logistic Service Conditions

The logistic service conditions apply to all our services. You can download a copy here in the desired language.


Delivery instructions

To ensure that your goods can be accepted and shipped correctly and smoothly, you can download our delivery instructions below.


Reclaim VAT

Do you live outside the EU and do you buy goods in the Netherlands that you bring outside the EU? Then you can get the VAT paid back. You can make agreements on this with the retailer / supplier, who will deliver the goods to you. You can also reclaim the VAT from the tax authorities afterwards. Download more information via the button below.


Practical packing tips

Relocation involves quite a lot. Packing for shipping your goods, how do you do that best? We have collected a number of practical tips for you, which makes packing for your move a piece of cake!